Tellios Law Group Law firm is one of the leading law firms in Greece right now serving companies and individuals all around Greece and internationally. Managed under the leadership of Mr Tellios Athanasios, lawyer of the Supreme Court of Greece, with offices in Athens, Thessaloniki and Corfu, the Firm enjoys an established reputation in providing top quality legal services with admirable successes in litigations all over Greece.   

The Firm employs highly qualified professionals including lawyers, trainee lawyers, forensic attorneys, bailiffs, academic consultants, technical advisers, computer experts, all dedicated to provide tailor-made services that surpass our clients needs.

Our primary objective is to exceed the expectations of our clients in the wider commercial and industrial sector, as well as individuals seeking optimal legal services to protect their rights during their trading actions.

Within such an intricate business environment, it is clear that our clients need tailor-made legal advice according to the specific needs of each of them. However, this target cannot be achieved without our vast experience and excellent knowledge of the Greek as well as global market. Our team of lawyers is, step by step, next to each of our clients who wants to evolve, develop, and innovate.

Our attorneys are always ready to advice. At the most critical time, our attorneys are next to our clients resolving the most complicated issues they may arise.

We resolve the most complex legal issues modern businesses are facing. This particular relationship that grows up with all of our clients reflects the successful results of our actions, judicial or extrajudicial, and rewards us with the enhance of our reputation.

We try to understand the underlying risks of every business so that to prevent future losses. Most of the company managers select us since our doctrine is prevention rather than repression. That is precisely our ability, making us unique in designing complex business contracts that aim to predict the possibility of derailing of any business and private action as well as to create a secure environment for a healthy development of the company – business.

So, if you need advice on corporate, business or private affairs in Greece or abroad, please contact us. It will be our honor to work for you